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  How To Get Support


In this video, we're going to walk through the methods you can use to get answers for questions in the program and where to start.

Here are the methods of support we offer as part of the Accelerated Accounting Strategies Bootcamp...

Program Materials - The program materials are the best and most complete resource for implementing the strategies in the program. We’ve invested hundreds of hours creating everything you need step by step.

Expert Coaches - Our coaches own their own businesses. They also host the weekly Q&A calls. NEVER message them directly. If you want support, post in the Facebook group and tag them, post in the comment section in the relevant section or attend the weekly Q&A calls.

Facebook Group - The Facebook group has members ready to help. The expert coaches are also in the group. This is your fastest way to get help after the program materials. If you want help, tag the coaches in your post and they’ll respond ASAP. You can join us at

Weekly Q&A Calls - Have a question to do with the training program that you want to ask live? We hold Q&A calls every week on Zoom to help participants with any questions they have. Our call times for each week (usually Wednesdays at 3:30pm Atlantic time) are posted at the top of the Facebook group and the link is emailed to you. To attend the calls click the link at the top of the Facebook Group or go to our Zoom link here: at the appointed time. You can access the recorded Q&A calls here in the program.

Make sure you complete this training in full and take the action. If something doesn't work, you assess. Improve on ourselves or our process and try again. And again. And again. None of the training above will work without consistent and relentless improvement.

Let's do this!